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PARIS Spring 2004
By Sedef Kokcuoglu

In addition to reviewing the brilliant Couture shows of Fashion Week Los Angeles '03, Fashionlines also attended the California Market Center's (CMC) "Direction/ Fall" trade show and the VIP party that preceded it to show our magazine's support for the fashion industry on the West Coast. This spectacular event was evidently the result of much hard work and organization. It included an impressively high number of key players from all sectors of the fashion industry, which has recently become the back bone of economic progress in Tinsel Town. To start things off, a big crowd of high-profile guests such as designers Anne Cole, Henry Duarte, Cathy Paik and Rod Beattie as well as

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several representatives of the international press, mingled at the opening cocktail party and discussed LA's resurgence into the realm of fashion. Then, over 1,000 enthusiastic viewers filled the Orpheum Theater to capacity in order to sneak a peak at the hippest and most recent creations of California's hottest labels, as well as those of internationally renowned American brands.

Beautiful models clad in outfits by trade names such as Poleci, Sheri, Bodell, Shargano, FuBu, Monah L, Pelle Pelle and Lucky Brand staged a brilliant spectacle that was received with long and loud applause. What really set this particular show apart from its European counterparts was CMC's decision to focus on contemporary, urban styles that have the potential to spread on the streets like wildfire, and to display these outfits on models that were anything but the emaciated, heroin chick stereotypes. In fact the male models that strutted their "hot stuff" down the catwalk were so built and attractive that many among the audience could not refrain from hollering loud exclamations of approval. Welcome to fashion shows, Los Angeles style!