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PARIS Spring 2004

By Sedef Kokcuoglu
Photographs by Roger Mesquita

Heatherette's Fall 2003 show (or more appropriately "spectacle") epitomized all that is Los Angeles. Celebrities, runway theatrics, color, glitter, glamour, fun and even Hello Kitty; you name it, it was all there. Given that the war in Iraq, terror alerts, a stricken economy and sticky diplomatic conflicts with our one-time allies casts a shadow of gloom and pessimism over our everyday lives, the timing of Heatherette's flashy, flamboyant and sexy collection could not have been better. Even the names of the colorful, loud, free-to-be-crazy outfits radiated a sense of carefree flower child meets paparazzi-savvy entertainment royalty. The "I have dated Johnny Depp" button-up blouse with bondage trouser, the "90210 playing hooky" shirt and mini skirt, the "Lounging Poolside at the Standard" bathing suit with leggings and the "1984

New Years Eve at the Roxy" strapless dress are just a few of the many electrically innovative ensembles that lit up the "Lot" on April 3rd. As Paris Hilton strutted her barely covered, lean figure down the catwalk; blowing kisses at the audience with one hand and holding her tiara with the other, I was convinced that this show would be more about the spirit of LA than about the clothes. I was proved mostly right in the end, however to my surprise there were several impressively resolved outfits that would have shone regardless of all the splendor and flashiness surrounding them. For instance, the "Xanadu cocktail dress with ribbon" which consisted of tiny little rainbow ribbons sewn together to create a dress that covered the bare essentials of the body and revealed the rest was a product of good craftsmanship and inventive vision.
As for the rest of the outfits; they may have been a little too controversial and over-the-top for some, but they certainly were not for the star-studded audience that had an unquenchable appetite for sensationalism. What can I say? Keep pushing the limit, Heatherette.

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