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PARIS Spring 2004
Fashionlines has learned that David Cardona was signed by Cerruti to design all women's lines including the 1881 diffusion line, effective March 2003. This makes Cardona the second Los Angeles-based designer to head a major European company (Rick Owens being the first with his appointment at Revillon Furs as creative director).

Cardona will split his time between Milan and Los Angeles.

Fashionlines is proud to say "we knew it!"

By Sedef Kokcuoglu

The first collection I saw at Fashion Week was David Cardona's. His show began with an explosive, attention-grabbing ensemble. As his first model trotted down the catwalk clad in nothing but a pair of lace panties and a garter belt topped off by a leather trench coat cut to perfection, even the seasoned veterans of the realm of fashion could not conceal a passing moment of shock. Ultimately, the entirety of Cardona's presentation oozed with a luscious sex appeal. Each outfit was made for the Cardona woman, who sees no shame in being a seductress while radiating a bold sense of self-confidence. Even in designing some of his simpler pieces, Cardona was able to spice up the ordinary

with the unexpected. For instance, a seemingly plain black turtleneck from the front revealed such delicious cleavage in the back that even the most apathetic onlooker could not help stealing a second glance. I also liked Cardona's attention to detail and his recognition of the crucial importance of accessories. His use of small black leather gloves, which gave the sense that the hands of his models had been dipped in a bowl of paint, and his choice of wide leather belts to accentuate feminine contours gave his vision a sophisticated flavor. Cardona's collection indeed had a special kind of rock and roll energy with an urban edge.