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PARIS Spring 2004
Fashionlines first met this international team four years ago, when they were primarily known for their accessory designs which major houses such as Lacroix, Dior, Torrente, Givenchy, Lapidus, and others integrated prominently into their own collections. But these three talented young people also created beautiful suits, jackets and coats, which the "Happy Few" (myself included) were able to purchase. In January of 2002, on aura tout vu presented their first couture collection during Haute Couture week to much acclaim. They were touted for their unbounded creativity and for their exquisite workmanship, with which every major designer in Paris is familiar, if not actually utilizing. Each collection becomes more refined, more subtle, and more elegant. As with Lacroix, a kind of spiritual father to these designers, a client may find a few perfect pieces such as the gray blue and silver lace eighteenth century boudoir jacket with cascading leather closure strips and flowing lace cuffs. Any single piece from on aura tout vu is guaranteed to perk up a wardrobe, and is probably good for the psyche as well. In fact Psyche is a perfect name to describe the clothes this season, subtle but tugging the heat and soul.

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