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Shen Ling at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, August 2003

Neo-Expressionist Shen Ling is one of several artists represented at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing this summer under the umbrella title "Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash Exhibition". She is the wife of fellow artist Wang Yuping, and lives and works in Beijing. Neither she nor her husband have spent much time outside of China, and work closely together, which Shen Ling's current work reflect. This mid-thirties artist

is a painter of suggestion and symbolism, and her work often shows the intimacy of couples, bathing, shaving or brushing teeth. Previously, Shen Ling painted imaginary couples, including homosexuals, but it is this portrayal of her own marriage. Distinguishing her jumps from social commentary to distortion are intriguing and often not easy---but surely a special glimpse into the most private moments of a loving married couple in a fast changing city.

Other artists represented in this show include Chen Honghan, Lian Quan, Pan Ying, Liu Zijan, Shi Guo, Sun Baijun, Wei Qingji, Zhang Jin and Zhang Yu.

Red Gate Gallery
Brian Wallace

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