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Hollywood A List Parties

Having visited Positano and Capri for the first time last year (I can't believe any self respecting fashion designer would admit to having waited so long to travel to this destination), Anna was inspired to do a collection heavy on beach clothes and swimwear, but since this is Anna Sui we're talking about, it shouldn't be surprising that the result is more 'Beach Blanket Bingo" than the famed Amalfi Coast. Spring 2004 was very signature Anna- with her happy, riotous, eclectic, and nostalgic take on fashion. As usual, it's all about the mix.

She mixed athletic with girlie- as is her trademark- paring ice cream colored party dresses (many were lace trimmed) with swimsuits and surf suits, freely mixing in scuba tops and board shorts, popping sweet baby doll tops over pants, sending out some great mini trenchcoats, beaded jeans, and relying on an upbeat and retro colorful psychedelic print. Of course, it was an accessory's editor delight- as she piled on the beads, trinkets, bangles, beach bags, totes, etc.