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Hollywood A List Parties

Unlike most other designers, Miguel Adrover does not want you to feel compelled to go out and buy new clothes each season- in fact, quite the opposite: he wants his designs to be worn until they fall apart. Back in business after a brief hiatus, he presented his men's and women's collection at the Bryant Park Tents, and because Miguel does not want to be boxed in by seasonal directives, this was purposely not termed a 'Spring/Summer' collection- as it included clothes for every season. Regardless of how you feel about his designs, you cannot deny his modern thinking and approach.

The show was very much like all his past collections- the clothing articulated his polished and well tailored street sense (he does know how to cut a mean jacket and coat) and throughout there were beautiful details and the element of surprise and unexpected moments that one comes to expect from Adrover: such as the appearance of a uniformed UPS guy carrying a package onstage (UPS was a sponsor of the show). He likes to make political and social statements and freely mixes elements that run the gamut from the ethnic (like his African inspired printed robes and capes) to sober and perfectly tailored coats and suits that would be perfect for the business place. He goes easily and effortlessly from costumey to classic, long to short, voluminous to narrow, fanciful to workaday, day to night. Now, that's what I call modern.

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