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Nony Tochterman's muse for Petro Zillia's 2004 Spring Collection is a fantastic character named Lulu. According to Tochterman's imagination, Lulu "persuaded her best friend, a former Norma Jean to go platinum, and then privately styled the infamous Jackie-O during her White House years." Being woman of infinite vision, character and style Lulu was, in Nony's words, "THE original Guru."

In Nony's hand Lulu's vivid, vibrant and colorful personality translated into a rich multi-hued collection exploding with possibilities. Petro Zillia's floral silk halter tops, dot print cotton mini skirts, drawstring pom-pom knit sweaters, red ombre chiffon handkerchief blouses and sherbet silk dresses oozing energy, fun and excitement spiced up Mercedes-Benz Shows LA. Tochterman's creations (certainly not for timid) embody the sun, beauty, liveliness, elation and entertainment that is Los Angeles. Hence if you would like to have a piece of Tinsel Town, slip into a bright rainbow silk ruffled halter dress sexed up with a plunging neckline and a deep back slit. The exhilaration you will experience is as close as it gets to sipping a caparina at the Skybar, overlooking the silhouette of the city.

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