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Louis Verdad is the man of the moment. With superstar clients such as Madonna and Kate Blanchett under his belt, Verdad is single handedly bringing back Hollywood glamour. Verdad's Spring 2004 look is drenched in the beauty and elegance of the past, however it is neither stuffy nor clichéd. The designer's linen coats embossed with tantalizing embroideries, delicate poplin blouses, breezy linen trousers and tasteful cotton sateen puff sleeve botanical print blazers epitomize a glorious return back to splendor and exquisiteness.

After his show Louis Verdad told Fashionlines, "I was inspired by women in the Forties. They were very sexy. I want women to go back to being feminine and sultry." Indeed a stunning model dressed in a sheer ivory silk chiffon dress with black piping, covered buttons and three tiered flared skirt was so sizzling that she set the runway ablaze. Nevertheless the designer's message was intensely sensual as opposed to overtly sexual. Subtle ensembles such as a silk chiffon polka dot blouse worn over tan crepe culottes or an ivory and black stripe linen suit with black button detail ultimately made the boldest statement.

Puckering their blood red lips and sauntering down the catwalk wearing trumpet skirts, sheath dresses and sateen knickers, the Verdad women were breathtaking. The grace, sophistication and refinement Louis Verdad achieved with his artistry was the defining moment of Los Angeles Fashion Week.

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