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The combination of debauchery, sex, alcohol, fast cars and rock n' roll was an explosive powder keg of combustible energy at Rock and Republic's Spring Invasion 2004. Sponsored by Cadillac and Coors Light, featuring Sting's son as a model, the event was bound to take unexpected, sharp turns. From the naissance to the end the clothes, attitudes and theatrics of Rock and Republic evoked the experience of a glitzy spectacle as opposed to a runway show. In fact the entire ordeal was a succession of almost identically dressed raunchy models trying to strut down a slippery catwalk drenched in sprayed beer. Needless to say some of the girls wearing scanty, form-fitting body suits and micro-mini skirts inevitably feel and slid across the runway exposing legs, crotch n'more to a rowdy crowd drunken with excitement. The defining moment of the evening came when Sting's son placed a lustful, wet kiss on the lips of a nearly naked blonde on stage, under the gaze of hundreds of people filling Smashbox studios up to capacity. Unfortunately the entirety of the Rock and Republic charade was so overdone that regardless of the magnitude of the irreverence the results were unclimactic.

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