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Heike Jarick's muse is a cosmopolitan New Yorker who has led past lives in far away lands. This imaginary hybrid woman's look is influenced by a culmination of oriental essences as well as current influences. She is neither ancient nor avant-garde. She is a "modern day samurai girl" who lives in a Hispanic neighborhood "enjoying the multiplicity of cultures, media, stimuli and vitality."

Taking flight from a fantastic ideal, Heike Jarick has translated imagination into flowing creations defined by astounding silhouettes, lithe fabrics, bold hues and precise cuts. Jarick's opening ensemble, a single breasted blazer in Kabuki jaquard matched with a bi-colored layered skirt with gathered waistband heralded a collection full of surprises and innovation. Overall the collection successfully juxtaposed seemingly contrasting styles. The ultimate impact was a well rounded, worldly synthesis reminiscent of the perfect balance of the Yin and the Yang. Along side samurai pants and bias flared canvas skirts, Jarick showed layered chiffon pieces arranged to resemble the color palette of the setting sun. This all encompassing approach fully captured the multifaceted needs, mind sets and self-perceptions of the contemporary woman, who simply wants to have it all.

Fashionlines's Haike Jarick must-buy: a layered dress in moving clouds print with "catfish" straps, just right for a dreamy moment in the midst of concrete reality.

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