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David Dalrymple's 2004 Spring creations for the House of Field were lusciously sexy, delectably titillating and audaciously bold. The essence of female skin's eternal beauty was weaved through the fabric of this collection. Revealing cuts, transparent materials, short-short hems and plunging necklines were all geared towards accentuating the splendor of the female silhouette. Overall Dalrymple's vision for the Field woman was irreverent urban chick. Mini satin boleros, ultra short see through latex skirts, hard rock flavored jackets and black silk chiffon evening gowns accentuated with metallic accessories seemed to be designed specifically for bold up-town girls with a flare for the unexpected and the passionate. Though some of the pieces in the assortment were slightly aggressive and oversexed, overall House of Field's look for the spring was seductive, flamboyant and smoldering.

Though some may argue that David Dalrymple's stark juxtaposition of different styles and themes was rather chaotic Fashionlines believes the broad scope of his work will allow the modern, hybrid woman to find her voice in various dialects of fashion. Regardless of which one of David Dalrymple's tastefully courageous constructions you may chose to wear (may it be a dress held together by hooks as opposed to stitches, a diamond patterned, sheer hooded full-body suit or a see-through asymmetrical feather dress) rest assured, for the moment you make your entrance, you will look like you have it all.

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