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Frankie B.'s Spring 2004 collection commenced to the rhythm of a tom-tom drummer thumping to the beat of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk". The buoyant energy emanating from the pounding of the instrument foreshadowed a fun and dynamic show pulsating with energy.

Frankie B.'s Daniella Clarke has earned herself a name for designing urban chick, street savvy clothes tailored to the needs of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Thus far Ms. Clarke has not attempted to construct evening gowns or streamlined coats, for glamour and extravagance are not her forte. Quite on the contrary it is Ms. Clarke's exceptional gift in handling denim materials that truly set her apart in the industry. This season whilst maintaining her remarkable ability to cut the perfect jeans, which make the derriere look extraordinaire, Ms. Clarke slightly expanded her scope. Nevertheless unlike most other designers who lose focus once they venture into new territories, Daniella Clark stayed centered.

Fashionlines thinks that by experimenting with luxurious materials such as leather, cashmere (might she want a piece of Juicy Couture's market share?) and silk
Daniella Clark added color, dimension and capacity to her work. Beaded silk chiffon ponchos, silk charmeuse strapless shirred hanky tops, pearlized leather jackets and vintage cord blazers are among Frankie B.'s notable pieces for the new season. Indeed never forget the denim pin-tuck trousers, carpenter minis and button leg pants that seem to sculpt the female form into a curvy silhouette. Moreover if you want to spice up your look one more notch, acquire a pair of Daniella's skintight shirred jeans and go braless-- like all the models at the Frankie B. show. After all, as the shrewd lyrics of the evening's theme song proclaimed, "You are only as pretty as you feel." Then why not feel gorgeous?

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