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Cloudy, cold, and rainy. Where am I, San Francisco?? No, but summer sure seems to be late coming to New York City. I had so many dreams of cute dresses and heels...But enough of my whining, the sun will shine some day and we'll be ready!

Old Glory. For the last year or so, you'd think everyday was the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, what with all the patriotic je ne sais quoi floating in the air. Rather than get into a First Amendment discussion here, let's just have a red, white, and beautiful summer.

Kiehl's (since 1851), the makers of the Creme de Corps which we love so much, has a tinted Lip Balm with an SPF 15. Sometimes a gal just wants a little color and maybe a little shine, I mean it's really not necessary to have super shiny porn star lips all the time. Available in two colors or clear for those of you already blessed with naturally rosy lips. Featured here is 58B, which is the more blue-red shade of the two. (30G is a bit more orange-y) Both are very light and the color is so sheer you really don't need a mirror to put this on. Aloe, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and castor oil are some of the ingredients which will help keep your lips soft, smooth, and protected. The handy tube will be a welcome addition to any beach bag.

Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15, $7.50
Available at Saks Fifth Avenue or
Keihl's boutiques.

** Try experimenting with different colors for the summer; when your skin is darker, you can wear colors you normally wouldn't consider in the winter. And remember: the make-up you already have might look different. Eyeshadows are usually safe, but double-check your foundation is still the appropriate shade!

Few things get my Beauty Goat going as much as seeing a fabulous pair of mules showcasing some nasty heels. Ladies! You know who you are. No one wants to see your cloven hooves. I know we can't all be models for foot fetish magazines; but if you're going to wear sandals...make the effort. Even if you don't polish; keep the toenails trimmed and clean; no one wants to hear clack-clack poolside. It's equally important to look good coming and going- let's get the pumice stone on those heels! A whole extra two minutes in the shower won't kill you. At night, you can put on some Sandal Scandal by Benefit. This lightly scented cream contains alpha hydroxy acids to help make your feet soft and smooth.

It even comes with a cute pair of white and pink booties to wear overnight. Since the AHA is 10%, you'll only need to use it a couple of times a week. This summer, let your feet get noticed for all the right reasons.

Benefit Sandal Scandal, $34.00
Available at Macy's, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom

Red, white, and ... Bronze. (You didn't honestly think I was going to rave about some blue eyeshadow did you?) For summer, bronze is always in. What to do however, if you live somewhere like San Francisco, (or this year New York) where you're locked in dreary weather and all of a sudden; the sun shines and it's warm? And out come the skirts and the shorts and the oh my-- glowing pale legs. I know not everybody wants to be in a Coppertone ad, and that's totally fine. But if you want color and you're not born with it; Estee Lauder's sunless self-tanner Go Bronze is the best way to go. Self tanning lotions have been around for years, but the formulas have

definitely improved; one doesn't see quite so many carrot people running around. I know models who have used it, but out of curiosity I tried it on myself (since my own legs were a bit on the light side). It smelled good and was simple to use. Kind of like a tinted lotion which absorbs quickly so you can see if you're missing spots or leaving streaks. There's a slight shimmer to the formula which is great if you need to go out immediately, but I wouldn't recommend that. The Lauder rep said it could stain clothing the first application. ( Just rinse yourself off ) It depends on your skin type how long the effect will last; anywhere from three days to a couple of weeks. I thought it was fun to see my lower legs match my arms in twenty minutes. They recommend at least an hour for the color to develop and definitely, definitely wash your hands as soon as you're done or you'll look like you've been playing with henna. Estee Lauder also makes a different, more gentle formulation just for the face. Don't think for a second that you don't need to use sunscreen with self-tanners. Always use sunscreen, everyday.

Estee Lauder Go Bronze for Body, $25.00
Available at Macy's and Nordstrom

Here's wishing you a fun and safe Summer 2003 !

P.S. For Fall we'll turn some of the spotlight on curls...