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As Andre Leon Tally said on MetroChannel’s Full Frontal Fashion, "Donna finally got off her Tibetan mountain!." She sure did- this was a big departure for Donna… and she really took a risk. While I didn’t love everything, and yes, it did feel very retro, with more than a touch of The Pointer (or Andrews) Sisters, if you took away the sometimes costumey platform shoes, there were many really beautiful pieces.

It all seemed very inspired by the glamour of 40’s Hollywood… and in fact, Donna said that the collection is about “getting more dressed and the feeling of glamour.”She put shoulder pads in blouses, sculpted jackets with gold buttons, and in her coats. Speaking about coats- they were fantastic- including one white wrap and tie number. But it was her dresses (most bias cut with halter tops, many with fishtail backs) that were standout…

And it was all about her prints- humorous prints, cartoon prints, a yellow cherry print, and a red and white musical ‘Celebration’ print (again, very un- Donna). But my personal favorites were the over scaled polka dots- including two floor length gowns- one in an entrance making red and white chiffon, and one done in indigo and white satin.

She ended the show on a very boudoir note: bodysuits with floor length kimonos as cover-ups… one was done in indigo and white polka dot, the other one was in solid white piped with indigo.