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Hubert Barrere has a wonderful Couture theme and he is true to it—the corset. Each season he designs beautiful scenarios around this amazingly versatile garment. Biker babe, boudoir girl, show girl, angel, and devil—the whole panoply of femininity. If one thinks about it, with a corset, an entire sophisticated evening ensemble can be created that looks both modern and completely elegant. Sometimes I hear journalists talk about the end of the corset. They will say things like, “Chanel liberated women from the corset.” Well, yes and no. This reminds me of a great line I heard attributed to the French actress Jeanne Moureau. “I don’t mind being a slave, but I will pick to whom I am a slave.” Corsets are a little bit like that—so much more fun and so much more desirable when they are optional!

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Photographs courtesy of First View