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Alexander the Great of Macedonia conquered the Iranian empire and colonized the area in 330 BC, taking over the western end and superimposing Greek culture on that of the Indian kingdoms to the east. Trade and art were already being influenced in this crossroads of Asia, where Persian ideas and Greek ideas met. This became the beginning of the Silk Road.

Of course, more than silk was being traded. Animals, spices, gold and gemstones also made their way to Europe. I dream of these evocative times, when precious commodities found their ways slowly and often with great difficulty through this legendary passageway between East and West. Today, cultures from every part of the world are readily made available to all of us via television and the Internet. Itís easy to forget that this was not always the case. Imagine a young Chinese girl or boy seeing a Western trader for the first time. Or a Western importer in Venice, as he unwrapped some gorgeous carnelian or rolls of silk.

My inspiration for my jewelry design is the Silk Road, where cultures first met and soon married age-old ideas. I travel extensively throughout the world and find that I am drawn to the stones and auras of the most ancient civilizations. The carnelian and pure gold of India, the foil beads of Venice, the pearls of Asia and the sterling silver of Turkey are among the treasures I dream of when I design. I work nearly exclusively with precious metals, cultured and freshwater pearls and precious and semi-precious stones. I often work with antique amulets and vintage clasps. My jewelry is worn gracefully and elegantly loose at the wrist or the throat. The bracelets and necklaces are delicate but durable pleasures to be worn day or night, with an elegant gown or jeans. With my jewelry, there is no particular time or place. It is up to the wearer, who is the one who will make the piece more special. And I hope the wearer will feel protected in my jewelry, and make it very soon her unique talisman as she travels along her own Silk Road.

For additional information, please contact Christine Suppes at suppes@fashionlines.com