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More NY Autumn 2003 photos -
  Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and more!

As Anna noted, “athletes are the superstars today” (The Williams sisters, Tiger Woods). But don’t look for a prim and proper translation of country club chic from this hip, downtown designer- hers was a slightly ‘demented’ take on country club. Football jerseys, short pleated minis, tennis dresses, shifts appliquéd with frogs and poppies, oversized sweet looking straw bags with flowers. Accessories ranged from high socks and heavy boots to visors, and oversized, almost cartoon-like golf bags…(though I can’t see Tiger Woods traipsing around the golf course with his caddy toting that huge thing!)
On parade were athletic mesh football jerseys, short pleated minis, tennis dresses, cotton pique golf skirts, white tennis dresses, preppy cardigans, poppy prints, poppy appliqués on skirts and dresses, mini shifts, and lace or mesh baseball jackets. Naomi Campbell, a close friend, was on hand to open and close the show--- and Naomi hasn’t looked this wholesome, innocent, or sweet in a long time.