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Next Week:
More NY Autumn 2003 photos -
  Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and more!

The design team best known for their red carpet creations, admitted that this collection is "dedicated to dreamers," and is all about "a celebration of color and femininity." Oh, and "glitter." Everything had a light and airy feeling, that bordered on the ethereal. Interestingly, while they used a lot of beautiful color, some of the black dresses were really standout. And although they had many separates- their own take on blouses with skirts and pants- the dresses- particularly the long gowns- were what really shined.
Delicate beads are always a signature- and they shined this time as well- a standout was the long slipgown beaded in white, pink and black. Ruffles were also featured, as were feathered bags, which added just the right touch for a feeling of fun and fantasy (my favorite was the pink satin draped bodice long dress shown with a matching feather bag).

What well-known celebrities were sitting front row center, taking notes on choices for walking the red carpet? Natasha Richardson, Anne Heche (with hubby in tow), and Angela Bassett.