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More NY Autumn 2003 photos -
  Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and more!

Though her choice of venue was very out of the way- which played havoc with the schedule, causing everything to be even later than necessary- I must admit that the 79th street Boat Basin Café, with its Hudson River views, fresh air breezes, and steel band accompaniment, was like taking a mini vacation, and was a breath of fresh air in the middle of a grueling day.

The program notes said, ‘Movement, organic curves, a fluid harmony with nature, a palette of color in sensual shades, visual poetry in movement…individuality’…. Catherine admitted the collection was all about “freedom and femininity” (“freedom” was symbolized by her oversized bags, which were used throughout- Doctor bags, Sofa bags, Travel bags, Meli-Melo bags.) Hmmmm, ‘Have bag, will travel’?

There was a lot to like (though not everything worked, and sometimes the combinations got a bit tricky). But as usual, everything is very sensual and boudoir in feeling (‘out of the bedroom, into the street’)…even the hair was made to look curly, out of control, and unruly- as if you just got out of bed

The emphasis was on satin, washed cotton, chiffon, draped silk jersey, ruching, blousons, embroidery, her usually stellar romantic blouses and dresses, and a variety of sweaters…all done in dusty vintage-y colors.

Catherine concentrated on jackets this time- baseball and motor cross jackets as well as fitted blazers, and she showed an endless variety of pants- many with zippers- in an endless array of shapes and silhouettes. Malandrino is nothing, if not consistent, and she sticks with her design philosophy and credo.