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More NY Autumn 2003 photos -
  Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and more!

Michael is no stranger to the sporting life- it’s an aesthetic and vision he seems to want to capture each time. This season, it was all about “motoring to Malibu with the top down, teeing off in Palm Springs”. And he was admittedly inspired by “The Kid Stays in the Picture” with visions of Ali MacGraw and Robert Evans, and their sporty, laid back, casual chic.

Everything- including the vintage soundtrack- was infused with a breezy, outdoorsy, sporty optimism that was very California, exemplified by the classic colors (lots of white, sand, navy, and stone), classic stripes, and classic shapes.
Natural hair and make-up, great, oversized bags, aviator glasses, a sexy take on the fringed, white golf shoe (he turned them into high heeled thong sandals), and white leather golf gloves, carried out the sports theme.

He took the shirt- specifically the polo- and used it for day and evening- elongating it into a jersey evening gown. Leather was used beautifully- I especially like the white perforated leather short ‘golf’ dress, and the deerskin balmacan. Sweaters were a large part of the line, especially his twin sets and alpaca cardigans, as were his very 60’s Courreges inspired canvas ‘director’s jackets’ decorated with zippers and top stitching.