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Next Week:
More NY Autumn 2003 photos -
  Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and more!

The on aura tout vu woman is taking a trip around the world. Her maps are sewn into her beautiful coats, jackets and dresses, which also contain large pockets because carrying a suitcase is a nuisance. Her hair is windblown but her make-up is perfect. She wears jewelry with amulet charms to keep away bad influences and she is so fresh and so alive and so happy that she takes people’s breath away. Whether she is in a jeweled corset or a Mandarin evening coat quilted with denim and ribbons and whatever else the designers happened to find, she is the one everyone singles out as the most special. This is why she needs her amulets, because with great talent and beauty (as with these clothes) come negativity and unwanted influences which she thwarts with her message of love and peace. These designers provide an enigma and an answer—but one must take that quantum leap of imagination in order to keep up with the OATV spirit.

Photography by Felix Sinpraseuth