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To the editors who proclaim that Christian Lacroix isnít hip enough, go out and find yourselves another job, one that is more suited to your pedestrian and ugly outlook on life. Or better yet, letís say that Couture Week is actually the Paris Fiac, the annual art fair held each October. One enters the Porte de Versailles only to be assaulted by visual inhumanityÖgiant S and M torture sculptures, photographs depicting depravity, mental illness, human degradation, paintings of unspeakable ugliness. Then one suddenly passes by a booth where there are sculptures and canvasses of beautiful color and form, lyrical and uplifting, where oneís experience becomes the meaning of the art, not the reverse. Now, graft that image onto Couture Week, specifically the Lacroix show, which is always the best show of the season. To drink in the colors, the visions of femininity from past, present and future, to see the myriad possibilities of Couture at its highest level, is a privilege. If you want a designer to tell you what to experience, Mr. Lacroix is not your man. However, if you understand that you are at the core of your own fashion journey, this is the designer of choice.

Photographs courtesy of First View